A single step
The adventures of Tony Fleming on board M/Y VENTURE
VENTURE-Single step


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Part 1


During this time of Sheltering at Home, I decided to produce a series of videos portraying the story of Venture and her voyages from the time of her conception – The Single Step. Much of the footage has been posted before but I hope that presenting it in this new context will make it fresh and introduce it to new viewers.

Part 2

At the end of Part 1, we left Venture in New York. In this video we continue our journey through the Erie and Oswega canals to Lake Ontario, down the St. Lawrence to the Canadian Maritimes and back to New York.

Part 3

VENTURE II in Europe

After completing the Down East Circle, Venture arrived back at Burr Yacht Sales in the fall of 2008 at the height of the financial crisis. We decided to put her on the market and build a new boat, named Venture II, constructed to European specifications, and ship her to Southampton in the UK. This is the story of her journeys in 2009.

Part 4

VENTURE II visits Ireland and Scotland

While the original Venture continues to shelter in Maryland, we take Venture II on a voyage to Iceland. This video covers the journey from Southampton to Scotland.

Part 5

VENTURE II visits Faroes & Iceland

Venture II continues her journey through the north Atlantic to the Faroe Islands and Iceland before returning to Southampton.

Part 6

Venture II visits Norway

This is a short video which, in a way, does not really fit the pattern for this series. But this was my last trip aboard Venture II before she passed to new owners and Norway is very lovely. Future videos in this series will feature the original Venture in Canada and Alaska.

Part 7

VENTURE Visits Glacier Bay.

We are back aboard the original Venture. She was shipped from Florida to Vancouver in 2011. In this video she takes us to Glacier Bay in SE Alaska.

Part 8

VENTURE visits Prince William Sound.

This video is a blend of Venture’s journeys to wonderful Prince William Sound during 2013 and 2017 plus a transit through the Sound in 2015 during which I recorded the birds in Cordova.

Part 9

VENTURE visits the Aleutians.

First, a spoiler! This video is identical to one titled “Venture to the Aleutians” already posted on YouTube. The reason for re-posting it here is because I deduce from comments that many viewers just stumble across one of my videos without realizing that there are many others. This video really belongs in the current series and, by including it, I am hoping that new viewers will be introduced to it.

Part 10

VENTURE visits Idaho

Another Spoiler! This video is identical to “Venture to Idaho” already uploaded onto YouTube. I don’t intend to make a habit of this. In fact, with a couple of videos to go, this will be the last that is not a re-package of previously short segments. However, this trip up the Columbia and Snake rivers is unique and takes us well inland to places we never knew were accessible in a cruising boat.

Part 11

VENTURE visits Haida Gwaii and British Columbia

This video documents a trip we made in Venture to Haida Gwaii and British Columbia during summer 2019. It has previously been uploaded in two separate episodes.

Part 12

Venture Visits the Inside Passage and SE Alaska.

In this video we continue exploring the journeys that stemmed from the Single Step that made them possible. Here, we follow the Inside Passage north from Vancouver Island and meander through S.E. Alaska.

Part 13

VENTURES visits Vancouver Island West Coast

This video covers our journey up the exposed west coast of Vancouver Island and a visit to the exciting Roaring Hole Rapids on the mainland. It is likely to be the last in the current series as I have now re-packaged the bulk of my existing video footage.

Comment: All the music used in all my videos has been legally purchased, with appropriate license from professional companies. Recently, inappropriate ads have been attached to my videos by You Tube following phony copyright infringement claims. Neither Fleming Yachts nor myself benefit in any way from the rash of ads which have arisen since my videos have gained in viewership. Revenue from the ads is shared by the claimant and You Tube. I strongly object to my work being used as a vehicle for can only be described as fraud. This situation is a great discouragement to posting on You Tube.


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