Fleming 58 Monitoring and Control System

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Overview of Fleming 58 Monitoring and Control System Source

Alaska to Nova Scotia aboard Fleming 65 Venture

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Alaska to Nova Scotia aboard Fleming 65 Venture. Part 1 This video documents the first part of the trip from Alaska to New York. Along the way we visited the Sea of Cortez and the Galapagos Islands before transiting the Panama Canal and passing up the US East Coast through…

Eddie Jordan yacht party

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Lippy from the Liffey: Eddie Jordan on what makes a great yacht party 14 August 2017 by Eddie Jordan Whether it’s getting pelted by water bombs, being thrown in the Red Bull pool or flashing his caveman credentials, Eddie Jordan certainly knows how to have a good time… The best…

Outer Reef Classic 630

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Outer Reef Classic 630 It’s not all about the European yards, however, with a number of American builders making the journey across the Atlantic for the Cannes Yachting Festival. One of the most notable is Outer Reef Yachts, which is giving a European debut to the Classic 630. This 19.23 metre…

Here Comes The Sun

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Here Comes The Sun 83m of cruising bliss from Amels 6 July 2017 by Caroline White The co-owner of Here Comes The Sun does not enjoy shiny surfaces and you will find few on board his gargantuan new toy – except for the gold discs hanging on the wall of his office. These records,…


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By JOHN LEONIDA – CLYDE & Co Partner Do I Own The Design Of My Yacht ? The first reader asked: “Do I own the design of my yacht?” John’s answer begins by outlining where you stand if you buy a production or semi-production superyacht. “What you’re buying is the…

Tips on Buying a Superyacht

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By JOHN LEONIDA – CLYDE & CO PARTNER Tips on buying a Superyacht 27 June 2017 by Elizabeth Finney If you’re embarking on a new superyacht purchase and you’re worried about the potential legal and financial pitfalls, consulting Clyde & Co, the superyacht law firm, for legal advice should be your first…

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